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Red Costume Wigs

Red Costume Wigs

Red Fashion and Costume Wigs for Adults and Kids

Want to know what NOT to do if you want to blend into the background....... Wear a Red Wig!
Getting noticed is just one benefit, there are plenty of other legit reasons why you should buy red wigs, so let's rattle some off:
  • You're dressing up as Ariel the Little Mermaid (obviously!), Jessica Rabbit, Ziggy or Sally from A Nightmare Before Christmas, and you need a red wig to finish your look!
  • You are a sassy Fashionista with bundles of confidence to spare, so a new fiery red hair-do is just something you need to mix up your Tuesday.
  • Wearing a costume wig is hands-down, 100% easier than grooming your own hair, and matching it to your shoes or bag is simpler. Have you ever seen your own 'hair-coloured' shoes? No. Red shoes? Yes. It's a valid reason!
  • There's so many shades of red that you can choose a new one everyday and never get bored, or have others get bored of looking at you! Dark red, plum red, light red, crimson red, burgundy red....... and so on! [more]
We very strongly think there might be a chance that you have better reasons for shopping for a red wig, and we're ok with that - so with such a great variety of styles available, we can confidently say you'll find the wig of your dreams at Heaven Costumes Australia. Our gorgeous collection of ravishing red wigs covers some great themes and characters including clowns, devils, vampires and sports fans just to suggest a few - so choose the party wig that's best for you now and make your fancy dress look come to life!