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Green Costume Wigs

Green Costume Wigs

Kids and Adults Green Fashion Wigs and Costume Wigs

Do you need a quick way to make a statement and stand out?....... Wear a Green Wig!
In case you're hesitating, there are some great reasons why you might want to buy green wigs, so let's start with these:
  • You're dressing up as The Joker, a Mermaid or Rave Punk and need a green wig to finish your look!
  • You just want to see what reaction you'll get from your Nan!
  • Wearing a costume wig is so much easier than doing your own hair, just get out of bed, whack it on and away you go!
  • You're an undercover Oompa Loompa! [more]

There's every chance that you have much better reasons than us for shopping for a green wig, and that's cool - so with lots of different styles in stock, we can confidently say you'll find the wig of your dreams at Heaven Costumes Australia. Our exciting collection of green wigs covers some great themes and characters including mermaids, clowns, wtiches and green wigs for Sports Days just to suggest a few - so choose the party wig that's best for you now and make your fancy dress look come to life!