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Ellie Shoes Collection

Ellie Shoes Collection

Ellie Shoes Deluxe Costume Footwear

Step out in style wearing some Ellie Shoes for your next event!

Ellie Shoes is a family-owned and operated business that originated in Orange, California. Founded by the visionary Ellen Renger in 2000, Ellie Shoes has become a renowned name in the world of high-quality footwear for costume events. [more]

Heaven Costumes takes great pride in providing its customers with a vast collection of Ellie Shoes’ top-notch footwear. From timeless go-go boots to Halloween-themed designs, as well as vintage pin-up and rock-a-billy styles, you’ll find an abundance of choices when it comes to footwear.

Explore our extensive range of Ellie Shoes today and experience the satisfaction that countless customers have already enjoyed.

With Ellie Shoes, quality and style meet seamlessly, ensuring that you’ll be impressed with every step you take.