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Harlequin Costumes and Accessories

Harlequin Costumes and Accessories

Kids and Adults Harlequin Costumes

Pay attention anyone who loves a little light-hearted mischief! Take centre stage at your next fancy dress party in a fun-loving Harlequin character costume and practice your comedy stylings as you entertain the crowd! [more]

At Heaven Costumes you'll find a great range of adult Harlequin costumes in traditional chequered styles and stand-out vivid colours. Harlequin outfits can be found as one piece suits complete with cute jingle bell hats, or even women's sexy Harlequin costumes for the more daring!

Harlequin costumes are part of our range of 'other themed' costumes and are great for those looking for something a little different for their next dress up party!