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Mens International Costumes

Mens International Costumes

Men's International Fancy Dress Costumes

Some of the most popular dress ups for men that come to mind when considering men's International themes are Roman Gladiators, Egyptian Pharaohs, Mexicans and of course German Slap Dancers for Oktoberfest! [more]

Here at Heaven Costumes you'll find hundreds of fantastic men's International costumes to suit your next fancy dress themed party or just to blend in as a native from an international country. Mexican ponchos are fabulous for any Amigo attending a Fiesta, German slap dancing lederhosen are perfect for beer chugging and sauerkraut eating at this years Oktoberfest celebrations, and Gladiators or Spartan warriors are what you need to dress up as when claiming victory in the Grecian battle arena.

For more patriotic themed International events, you'll also find United States representation with our range of Uncle Sam costumes and Native American Indians, plus themes that are celebrated annually such as St Patricks Day men's International costumes where dressing up as the lucky Irish is the thing to do!

To bulk out our men's International costumes range you'll also find Hawaiian dress ups, Vikings, Ninjas and Sumo Wrestlers, Scotsmen, Zulu warriors, English Bobby policemen and more!