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Pimps & Hoes Costumes and Accessories

Pimps & Hoes Costumes and Accessories

Pimps and Hoes Costumes and Accessories

Step into the flashy and flamboyant world of the 1960’s pimps and pros, also known as MacDaddy’s and Hoes. Our vast range of pimp and hoe costumes is a playful nod to a notorious era and an innovative way to ignite the fun in your next themed event. Whether you are a couple looking for coordinated outfits, or solo partygoer, our collection is sure to have what you’re looking for.

With our costumes, the saying “Ice for the grill and dollars for the deal” comes alive in a fashion explosion that highlights the glitzy glamour of the men, and the flamboyant boldness of the women. We strive not to glamorize a sad time in history, but to encapsulate it in a way that ignites fun and humour while retaining the authentic touches. [more]

For the men, style runs wild in our collection with Mens Pimp Costumes and MacDaddy Costumes for men. Picture yourself in vivid colour velvet suits amplified by vibrant animal print detailing, topped of with an iconic broad rimmed pimp hat. Subtly is not the game here, so make your wealth known with our stunning array of bling jewellery for pimps, featuring gold chains, hats, walking canes, glasses and more!

For the ladies, Women’s Hoe costumes and Pro Costumes for Women offer daring and tantalizing dresses that command attention. Show off those legs in skimpy outfits, finished with stylish details. Enhance these looks even more with our accessories like feather boas, shiny gold jewellery and high-heeled shoes that take the head-turning up a notch.

Redefine your dressing game with a dash of the past with our Pimps and Hoes Costumes and Accessories. Pimps and Hoes is a great option for 1960’s and 1970’s dress up events too!