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Novelty Toy Guns

Novelty Toy Guns

Novelty Toy Guns Costume Accessories

Toy guns..... we repeat.... TOY guns, are a fantastic costume accessory for any fancy dress outfit that requires some authority! We're talking police officers or cops, cowboys or sheriffs, 1920s gangsters, army soldiers and even pirates! [more]
At Heaven Costumes Australia, you'll find an extensive range of fake guns that you can slide into holsters for some quick draw action when you feel the need at your next dress up party!
All our novelty guns come equipped with the tell-tale orange tips to ensure law enforcement can see they're fakes, so don't stress about a pat down when you make your entrance brandishing the coolest toy guns to match your fancy dress costume. If pretend guns aren't quite your thing, don't forget to check out our arsenal of other fantastic toy weapons!