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Blonde Costume Wigs

Blonde Costume Wigs

Blonde Costume Wigs for Adults and Kids

The fastest and easiest way to switch up your look....... Wear a Blonde Wig!
There's a whole lot of reasons why you might want to buy blonde wigs, and here's a few:
  • You're dressing up as an Ice Princess, Marilyn Monroe or Farrah Fawcett and need a blonde wig to finish your look!
  • Your hair is naturally dark and too hard to bleach, but you'd love to go blonde!
  • Styling your own hair will take too long and make you late for your party, so donning a costume wig is a sure-fire solution!
  • You want to test the theory that blonde's have more fun! [more]

You probably have your own valid reasons for shopping for a blonde wig too, and with over 100 different styles in stock, we can pretty much guarantee you'll find just the wig you need at Heaven Costumes Australia. Our extensive collection of blonde wigs cover all themes and characters from Mermaids to Movie Stars, Beer Girls to Blonde Bombshells and Flappers to 50s Flick Wigs - so choose the party wig that's best for you now and make your entire fancy dress look come to life!