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Hip Hop Costumes and Accessories

Hip Hop Costumes and Accessories

90s Hip Hop Costumes for Adults and Kids

It's the fad of the 1990s that had all wannabe rappers turning their snapbacks around and splurging on baggy pants and gold chains. At Heaven Costumes Australia, you'll find some really rad Hip Hop costumes and accessories for adults and kids that'll kick krunking to the kerb. [more]
If you're looking for fancy dress that is 'Old School' cool, then suss out our graphic print Hip Hop tops and t-shirts, gold rapper grillz for your teeth and a whole bunch of shiny bling jewellery to make your outfit pop.
If you've already got some MC Hammer moves up your sleeve, then why not grab one of our stylish rapper costumes, prop an inflatable boom box on your shoulder, and make your entrance at your next fancy dress costume party Hip Hop to the max. Don't forget to check out the rest of our 90s theme party costumes and accessories too!