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Fake Beards and Moustaches

Fake Beards and Moustaches

Novelty Stick On Beards and Moustaches Costume Accessories

Need some facial hair for your fancy dress costume, but don't have time to grow it all out? Heaven Costumes is here to help! We have a big selection of adult's costume beards and costume moustaches to choose from. Self-adhesive and easy to attach and remove, a fake beard or fake moustache (or both) can really finish off any men's fancy dress costume and costume accessories. [more]

What's a pirate without his beard? What's a pimp without his moustache? What's a wizard without his long white beard and moustache? Get an authentic look to your party costume just by complementing it with a costume beard or costume moustache. You'll have all your friends giggling away, while at the same time you'll be the best dressed at the costume dress up party.