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1700s - 1899 Costumes & Accessories

1700s - 1899 Costumes & Accessories

1700's-1899 Costumes 

The 1700s and 1800s were quite a civilised time notably remembered by the Georgian and Victorian eras. A time in history where poets, novelists, scientists and inventors made their mark and are still quoted today.

Of course the Victorian era was also the time of the industrial revolution and the coming of Steampunk. [more]

Do you need more dress up ideas for Victorian outfits or to depict the 1700s and 1800s? Florence Nightingale was a saintly legend of the era which makes an olden day nurse outfit a fantastic Victorian costume idea. Other famous people to dress up as from the era of Queen Victoria’s reign include US Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson or Benjamin Franklin the founding father of the United States.

A popular and recognisable Victorian dress to consider for your fancy dress party is one inspired by the lovely Queen of France. A Marie Antoinette costume is a wonderful olden days clothing choice to have on hand for a formal Soiree, and at Heaven Costumes you’ll also find the tall white Queen of France wig to perfectly finish off your Marie Antoinette costume.

British explorers and voyagers were aplenty in the 1700’s and 1800’s, with names like Matthew Flinders and Captain James Cook carving their place in the history books. You can choose a selection of our kids, women’s or men’s Colonial costumes as inspiration to dress up as these famous discoverers (Peruke wigs and all!) which are great for historical depictions, school plays and of course just for a Victorian themed event.

French Emperor Napoleon comes to mind as a pinnacle of Colonial costumes, and is of course available here at Heaven Costumes. Whether you’re sprouting an Aquiline nose or not, a Napoleon costume is a fantastic Colonial dress up idea!

Poor Victorian costumes are often needed for school productions such as the Charles Dickens classic Oliver Twist, which therefore makes them great kids Book Week costumes too! Colonial girl costumes, poor Victorian dress ups for kids, olden day dresses, pioneer outfits for adults and kids, and even Prairie dresses are all in stock and ideal for dressing up as people from the Victorian era.

The famously popular and historically informative TV show for kids (….. and adults!) Horrible Histories, have also produced an interesting officially licensed collection of Horrible Histories costumes for children, of which many characters are straight out of the Victorian era and make brilliant kids dress up ideas too.

It’s easy to see that the Victorian costumes suggested thus far are all relatively tame in an historical sense and especially great for dressing up as famous historical figures however, we’ll end this spiel with one of the most feared people of the Victorian era, someone who has remained unidentified to this day. Jack the Ripper was the gruesome serial killer of the 1800’s Victorian era and dressing up in a Jack the Ripper costume as a Halloween fancy dress idea, will send fear into the hearts of anyone familiar with the atrocities of his actions during the otherwise and mostly civilised reign of Queen Victoria.