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Doll Costumes and Accessories

Doll Costumes and Accessories

Kids and Adults Doll Fancy Dress Costumes

Does anyone remember being a child and teasing your friends with "Want a lolly? Kiss your dolly!" Well we'll leave that one be, but you can still go back to childhood memories by dressing up in your favourite Doll character costumes. [more]

At Heaven Costumes you'll find a variety of Doll costumes to reminisce about the contents of your toy box including Barbie and Ken, Rag dolls, Japanese Lolita dolls, Ventriloquist dolls and.... Voodoo dolls.... interesting times growing up! Dress up in doll costumes at your next fancy dress party and let those little characters come to life!

Doll costumes are part of our range of 'other themed' costumes and are great for those looking for something a little different for their next dress up party!