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Balloon Accessories

Balloon Accessories

Decorative and Functional Balloon Accessories

Discover the perfect balloon accessories to elevate your next party to new heights!

At Heaven Costumes, we offer a wide range of both decorative and functional options to make your balloon displays stand out. [more]

Balloon Displays: Create picture-perfect balloon arrangements with our selection of clear balloon stands and decorating kits. From elegant centrepieces to eye-catching balloon arches, our accessories ensure that your balloons look absolutely stunning.

Balloon Glue and Tape: Secure your decorations with ease using our balloon garland tape or balloon glue dots. These handy items make it simple to create intricate balloon displays.

Balloon Hi-Float: Keep your balloons floating longer with our Hi-Float solution. This clear liquid can be added to helium-filled balloons, allowing them to stay in the air throughout your entire party.

Balloon LED Light Sets: Perfectly designed to wrap around balloons, our LED light sets will help you create captivating displays for any event. These light sets boast an impressive length of 3 meters, allowing you to unleash your creativity and craft mesmerizing designs.

Balloon Pumps and Ties: Say goodbye to the hassle of inflating balloons by hand! Our range of hand-held balloon pumps makes the task a breeze. Additionally, our balloon tie tool ensures easy and efficient balloon tying.

Balloon Ribbon: Add a touch of colour and elegance with our extensive selection of balloon curling ribbon. Choose from a wide variety of options, including classic, metallic, glitter, satin chrome, holographic, and even iridescent ribbon.

Balloon Sticks and Cups: Looking to create balloon centerpieces? Our balloon sticks and cups provide a safe and convenient way to display your balloons. Simply clip the clear balloon cups onto the base of your balloons for hassle-free decorating.

Balloon Weights: Ensure that your balloons stay in place with our range of balloon weights. Choose from classic weights with foil overlays, glitter weights, centre table weights with milestone birthday details, baby bottle weights for baby showers, and even licensed balloon weights featuring popular characters like Elsa from Frozen. We also offer whimsical options like star-shaped weights and party hat-shaped weights.

Shop the incredible range of balloon accessories at Heaven Costumes today and turn your party into a memorable event!