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Bobo and Bubble Decorative Balloons

Bobo and Bubble Decorative Balloons

Transparent and Patterned Plastic Bubble-Bobo Balloons

Introducing our stunning collection of bubble balloons at Heaven Costumes! Crafted from stretchy, high-quality plastic, our Bubble (Bobo) balloons are a must-have for any party or event.

Discover our wide range of printed bubble balloons with enchanting Happy Birthday patterns. Choose from a variety of delightful floral and geometric prints to add a touch of charm to your celebrations. [more]

Explore our extraordinary Crystal Clearz range, featuring perfectly transparent balloons with classic colour bases such as blue, pink, green, and purple. These exquisite balloons are sure to captivate your guests and add an elegant touch to any occasion.

Looking for something truly spectacular? Our bobo balloons with LED lights are a show-stopping addition to any party decor. Simply inflate the balloons and wrap the lights around the outside for a luminous finish that will leave everyone in awe.

Unleash your creativity with bubble balloons! From stunning balloon arches and captivating centrepieces to filling them with other balloons and gifts, the possibilities are endless.

Shop our irresistible bubble and bobo balloons collection today and make your next event truly unforgettable!