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Character Shaped Party Balloons

Character Shaped Party Balloons

Foil and Latex Character Shaped Party Balloons

Introducing our extensive collection of character-shaped party balloons available at Heaven Costumes!

Whether you’re throwing a themed birthday party or hosting a Halloween bash, our character balloons are the perfect choice to elevate the atmosphere.

From beloved TV and movie icons like Mr. Incredible, Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Barbie, Shimmer and Shine, to animal characters like tigers, dinosaurs, unicorns, spiders, and even an adorable Easter bunny, we have it all! [more]

Not only do we offer a variety of characters, but our balloons come in both foil and latex options to suit your preferences.

Take your celebrations to new heights with our AirWalkers and Airloonz, which can stand tall on their own, adding an extra touch of excitement.

Speaking of Halloween, we’ve got you covered with our fantastic range of Halloween character balloons. From witches to jack-o’-lanterns, ghosts to sugar skull skeletons, our spooky selection will make your Halloween party truly unforgettable.

So, whether you’re looking to spruce up a birthday celebration or create a spine-chilling atmosphere for Halloween, our character balloon collection has everything you need.

Explore the countless possibilities and let your imagination run wild!

Shop now at Heaven Costumes for the ultimate party balloons that will leave your guests in awe.