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1920s Costumes and Accessories

1920s Costumes and Accessories

Great Gatsby, 1920s Gangster and Flapper Costumes

Be the star of your next roaring twenties party with a show-stopping 1920s costume. Unleash your inner gangster or do the Charleston in an eye-catching flapper dress with help from Heaven Costumes.

Browse our selection of 20s costumes that will instantly transport you to the last century. [more]

The 1920s was a decade of significant change, and this was reflected in the fashion of the time.

For women, the most iconic look of the era was the flapper dress. The most recognisable Gatsby dress is often loose-fitting and decorated with fringing or beads, and they allowed women to move freely and kick up their heels to dance the night away. And don’t forget the flapper accessories to complement your fancy dress. Jewels, headpieces, and cigarette holders will all help to complete the iconic flapper look.

For men, the most popular style was the gangster suit. Gangster costumes often had fitted jackets and matching suit pants, sometimes with pinstripes and always accompanied by the very iconic fedora hat. Whether you’re dressing up for a Great Gatsby costume party or just want to channel some vintage charm, these 1920’s inspired looks are sure to turn heads. A 1920’s gangster costume is a classic look for your next themed party.

1920’s Costume Ideas

Find the perfect look for your next roaring 20’s party or Gatsby themed event. From long-sleeved 1920’s flapper dresses to hats, gun holsters, and more, every detail is accounted for to put together the perfect 1920s outfit.

If you’re looking for ideas for a 1920’s costume, you’ve come to the right place. We have the best 1920’s costume ideas for women and men, including a selection of 1920s costumes in plus sizes!

1920s Costumes For Women

Ladies, stop looking for the perfect 1920s dress or Great Gatsby costume because you’ve now found it, right here at Heaven Costumes. You can get your dancing shoes on and head down to your 1920s costume event with our range of stunning Great Gatsby dresses!

Just don’t forget that classic finger waves hairstyle or cropped bob, made even easier with a flapper costume wig! Nothing is stopping you from even dressing up as a female version of Al Capone and becoming a fearsome mob boss in a cute gangster costume for women. We’ve carefully curated the biggest and best range of 1920s dresses in Australia, all available right here at your fingertips, allowing you to stress less about what to wear to your upcoming Gatsby costume party!

You’re sure to look chic in a black flapper dress with all the accessories that are perfect for dancing the night away.

1920s Costumes For Men

What about the men, you ask? Not to worry, we have plenty of male gangster costumes to make sure that the men look just as snazzy at your 1920’s costume party! Grab your tommy gun and gun holster and get ready to show off as a mob boss in an outstanding gangster outfit for men. With a range of zoot suits that are white with black pinstripes and even black with white pinstripes, there is sure to be something to suit everyone’s taste.

1920s Costumes For Kids

Of course, we want to ensure the whole family can get into the fun of this iconic era! This means we have Gatsby costumes for kids too, including 1920 dresses for girls with that classic fringing and even kids gangster costumes!

1920s Costumes Plus Sizes

Our range of plus size 1920s costumes will mean that you can find an elegant plus size flapper dress or a plus size gangster costume for men, too. Everyone can look and feel their best in a stunning 1920s costume from Heaven Costumes.

1920s Accessories

Don’t forget that no Gatsby outfit is complete without its accessories, which we have a range to envy even the 1920s era! Our range of 1920s accessories includes Gatsby headpieces, cigarette holders, feather boas, flapper bead pearl necklaces, tommy guns, fedora hats, long gloves, fake cigars, suspenders, spats and so much more! You’ll be ready to walk into your Gatsby dress up party and turn up the fun.

When it comes to 1920s costumes, the accessories can make or break the look. Make sure your flapper fit stands out with the right sequined headband or be the most realistic gangster at the party with a replica tommy gun.

1920s From Head to Toe

At Heaven Costumes, we have everything you need for your 1920s costume. Be outfitted from head to toe with our selection of wigs in all the iconic roaring 20’s styles. Protect your hair and look effortlessly chic with a bob or finger curls.

And, finally, don’t forget your shoes. The perfect pair of heels will match the glitz and glam of your flapper costume and make you want to shimmy and shake.

So let us get you kitted out for your next roaring 20s dress up party with our vast range of fashion from the most memorable and iconic era! Forget about the stress of delivery with our fast shipping options and same weekday dispatch. All you have to do now is decide which style you like best, and more importantly, have fun at your party!