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Costume Sizing Information

We sell many different brands who each have different sizing. Due to this, sizing is not the same across the board for our costumes. We make selecting your size easier by ensuring each costume has it's own description and size chart or size information.

  • Click into a product page.
  • Click on the size chart link above the size selections.
  • A size chart specific to that product will slide out on the right hand side of your screen.
  • View measurements, recommended dress sizes and fit advice.

We have been very careful in selecting the appropriate size chart for each particular product, if we are not 100% certain, we measure each and every size and design a new size chart for each product.

There is a lot of variance between the sizing of one brand and the next, some are very small and some quite large for the same size. This is why we have included a lot of information about the size of each costume. We very carefully check the measurements of new costumes and make sure that the information we provide is accurate. Use the size chart to compare to your measurements.

Many of our costumes are imported and therefore come to us with sizes that need to be converted to the Australian equivalent. So if you receive a costume marked 8-10 (Medium) and you ordered a 10-12 (Medium), you can be assured that we have sent you the correct size. The sizing is often from USA and their 10 is a 12 in Australia. To save confusion and ensure you get the right size, use the measurements that we provide in the size chart. We always convert all sizes to the Australian equivalent.

Some costumes are very stretchy, these are very flexible in sizing. In some cases the flexibility is so big that you can go down a few sizes and still fit the costume perfectly. Some fabrics such as satin, may have no stretch in them. Please check product descriptions as we will always note whether or not a fabric has stretch or not. If you have any questions about sizing of a costume you are interested in, you can phone our customer service line. All our costumes are in our warehouse so we are able to take measurements directly from the costume if you need us to.