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Black Costume Wigs

Black Costume Wigs

Kids and Adults Black Party Wigs

The quickest and easiest way to transform your look....... Wear a Black Wig!
There's a bunch of reasons why you might want to buy black wigs, and here's a few:
  • You're dressing up as a witch, vampire or Morticia and need a long black wig to finish your look!
  • You've always wanted to see what you'd look like with black hair, without the commitment!
  • You're having a bad hair day, so donning a costume wig is a sure-fire quick fix!
  • You're going undercover and can't risk exposing your true identity! [more]

You probably have your own reasons for shopping for a black wig too, and with over 200 different styles in stock, we can pretty much guarantee you'll find just the wig you need at Heaven Costumes Australia.