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Latex Biodegradable Party Balloons

Latex Biodegradable Party Balloons

Classic Latex Birthday and Party Balloons

Explore our extensive selection of classic latex balloons, exclusively available at Heaven Costumes.

Our collection features an array of vibrant colours, patterned designs, and printed options, as well as plain balloons for a more minimalistic style. Choose from various finishes to find the perfect look for your celebration. [more]

Experience the elegance of our chrome finish balloons, which exude a mirror-like shine. For a transparent and unique touch, opt for our crystal finish balloons. If you prefer a subtle shine, our matte balloons offer a gorgeous choice. Delight in the pearlescent sheen of our pearl finish balloons, or go for the slightly darker metallic finish for a captivating effect. We also offer satin finish balloons that encompass your standard balloon styles.

Celebrate milestone birthdays with our specially curated balloon packs. Choose from sweet 16 balloons, as well as 18th and 21st birthday balloons, ensuring every significant life moment is full of joy and colour. Our milestone packs feature an assortment of colours, allowing you to effortlessly match your party’s theme.

From beloved characters to iconic movies, we have a wide range of licensed latex balloon options that are sure to delight. Choose from Cars featuring Lightning McQueen, Disney Princesses, Frozen showcasing Anna and Elsa, Harry Potter with the Hogwarts crest, Avengers, Minnie and Mickey confetti balloons, Paw Patrol with your favourite pups, and even Pokémon with Pikachu!

When it comes to latex balloons, our commitment to sustainability is unmatched. Crafted from natural rubber, these balloons are 100% biodegradable and will naturally decompose over time. However, please note that individuals with latex allergies should avoid direct contact with latex balloons.

It’s important to be aware that helium-filled latex balloons may not float as long as foil balloons because latex is a porous material, causing helium to escape more quickly. To extend the floating time of your latex balloons, consider using Hi-Float.

While latex balloons can be filled with air, they are most effective when filled with helium to achieve that delightful floating effect. Bring your next event to life with our incredible range of latex balloons, featuring an unparalleled variety of colours, styles, and designs.

Shop our full selection of latex balloons today and add a splash of colour and style to your next celebration!