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Marie Antoinette Costumes and Accessories

Elegant Marie Antoinette Costume and Accessories

Immerse yourself in the opulence and controversy of 18th-century France with our exclusive Marie Antoinette costumes and accessories. Whether you’re captivated by her misunderstood legacy or fascinated by her impact on history, our costumes offer you a chance to step into the shoes of the iconic Queen of France. Explore our captivating selection of Marie Antoinette outfits, wigs, and accessories designed to transport you back to a time of extravagance and revolution. [more]

Marie Antoinette’s Outfits: A Symbol of Historical Elegance

Marie Antoinette costumes capture the essence of the era’s fashion. From sumptuous gowns to intricate lace and embellishments, each outfit is a testament to the lavish lifestyle of the French nobility. Perfect for historical themed parties, re-enactments, or any event where you wish to make a statement as a famous person from history, a Marie Antoinette costume guarantees you’ll be the centre of attention.

The Perfect Accessory: Marie Antoinette Wigs

No Marie Antoinette outfit is complete without the signature hairstyle that defines the period. Our Marie Antoinette wigs are the crowning glory of our wig collection. Styled to echo the elaborate and voluminous hairdos of the time, these wigs are an essential accessory for bringing authenticity to your costume. Pair your outfit with a Marie Antoinette wig to fully embody the character and elegance of the ill-fated queen.

Visit Us in Adelaide for an Exclusive Shopping Experience

For those located in Adelaide, your historical costume journey begins at our Salisbury Plain location. Heaven Costumes offers a unique virtual walk-in store experience, allowing you to browse our extensive collection online and pick up your order on the spot. Enjoy the convenience of immediate gratification with the same wide range of options available on our website.

Heaven Costumes is proudly Australian owned and operated, dedicated to providing a vast selection of costumes with lightning-fast delivery. We pride ourselves on competitive pricing and exceptional customer service, ensuring a seamless shopping experience. Whether you’re shopping online or visiting us in-store, we’re committed to making your costume dreams come true.

Celebrate history, controversy, and the undeniable allure of Marie Antoinette with our exquisite costumes and accessories. Shop now to find the perfect Marie Antoinette costume, outfit, and wig, and prepare to captivate and enchant as one of history’s most famous figures.