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Purple Costume Wigs

Purple Costume Wigs

Kids and Adults Purple Fashion and Costume Wigs

Do you look in the mirror and go - "Urgh, my hair's so Booorrringggg"....... Wear a Purple Wig!
Aside from changing the reflection in the mirror, there are some other legitimate reasons why you should buy purple wigs, so hear us out:
  • You're dressing up as a Mermaid, for Cosplay or Gothic Glam and need a purple wig to finish your look!
  • You're trying to start a new trend - Purple is the new Black - and this is your secret weapon!
  • Wearing a costume wig is a million times easier than styling your own hair, and if it's purple enough, people might not notice you didn't bother matching your socks either!
  • Here's the clincher - The colour purple is often associated with Royalty. Need we say more?! [more]

We think there might be a chance that you have much better reasons for shopping for a purple wig, and we accept that - so with such a great variety of styles in stock, we can confidently say you'll find the wig of your dreams at Heaven Costumes Australia. Our amazing collection of perfectly purple wigs covers some great themes and characters including fairies, clowns and dolls just to suggest a few - so choose the party wig that's best for you now and make your fancy dress look come to life!