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Nerd Costumes and Accessories

Nerd Costumes and Accessories

Funny Nerd Fancy Dress Costumes

It's time to party and it's time to do it Harry High Pants style! Bust out your inner geek and saunter off to your next school days themed fancy dress event in one of our super funny Nerd costumes for adults. If you left all your plaid and suspenders back in the era of the 50's and need to top up your dorky style, our range of class Nerd outfits will have you coming out on top! [more]

Looking like a classic classroom geek will be a cinch when you dress up in these high waisted tartan school style Nerd costumes. We've even got the black rimmed nerd glasses to accompany your look so you won't be confused with the sporty jock.

Nerd costumes are part of our range of 'other themed' costumes and are great for those looking for something a little different for their next dress up party!