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Pastel Coloured Party Balloons

Pastel Coloured Party Balloons

Pastel Foil, Latex and Plastic Party Balloons

Discover our stunning collection of pastel balloons available at Heaven Costumes.

Whether you’re planning a kids’ party or hosting a gender reveal celebration, our pastel range offers a wide selection of foil, latex, and plastic balloons in all your favourite pastel colours. [more]

Choose from balloons with a metallic finish, giving them a a glistening shine. Or opt for balloons with a matte finish, featuring an opaque look with minimal shine. If you prefer the classic balloon style, our satin finish balloons have a semi-reflective shine that adds a touch of elegance.

We offer a variety of air-fillable and helium balloons, including light-up bubble balloons, printed balloons, and plain pastel balloons.

Explore our extensive pastel balloon range, featuring colours like blue, green, white, yellow, pink, orange, purple, peach, melon, and many more.

For fans of Disney Princesses, we have licensed pastel balloons featuring their favourite characters. You’ll also find balloon packs and even foil 1st birthday balloons, perfect for special occasions.

Incorporate our pastel balloons into your decorative balloon arches and centrepieces for a magical touch.

Shop our incredible selection of pastel balloons today and create an enchanting atmosphere at your next celebration.