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International Costumes and Accessories

International Costumes and Accessories

Explore the World with Our International Costume Collection

Step into a world of fun at Heaven Costumes, where our extensive range of international costumes offers an exciting way to celebrate cultures from around the globe. Perfect for any fancy dress occasion, these outfits will transport you across continents and through time, all from the comfort of your chosen event. Whether it’s for International Day, a themed party, or simply an adventurous night out, our collection has something for everyone. [more]

Authentic Costumes from Every Corner of the Globe

From the vibrant streets of Mexico with our Mexican costumes to the majestic lands of Ancient Egypt with our stunning Cleopatra costumes, we bring the essence of the world’s most captivating cultures right to your doorstep. Choose a Native American costume to honour the rich history and traditions of indigenous peoples, or leap into the lively spirit of a Hawaiian luau with our beautifully designed Hawaiian costumes and accessories. Our selection doesn’t stop there; explore further to find the perfect international day outfit including: 

  • German Delights: Experience Oktoberfest any day with our women’s beer wench costumes and men’s slap dance lederhosen.
  • Wild West Adventures: Ride into the sunset or rove through a saloon in our cowgirl and Wild West costumes.
  • Sword Wielding Samurai: Designed to make you look and feel like a true Samurai warrior, ready for battle.


For those located in Adelaide, we invite you to step into the future of costume shopping with our virtual walk-in store located in Salisbury Plain. Here, you can browse our digital aisles on our website and pick up your chosen costume right then and there. It’s an innovative way to shop, blending the convenience of online browsing with the immediacy of in-store purchase.

Heaven Costumes is not just a store; it’s an experience. We are proudly Australian-owned and operated, committed to bringing you a vast selection of high-quality costumes at great prices. Our fast delivery ensures your outfit arrives in time for your next big event, while our outstanding customer service is here to assist with any enquiries. Discover why customers across Australia and beyond choose us for all their costume needs.

Don’t just dress up, dress to impress with an international costume from Heaven Costumes. Whether you’re channelling the power of a Roman Warrior, the joy of a Spanish Senorita, or the magic of a Matador, our selection promises authenticity, quality, and a gateway to a world of fun.