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Circus and Clown Costumes and Accessories

Circus and Clown Costumes and Accessories

Clown and Circus Costumes & Accessories

Step up, step up! Bring the magic, fun and frights of the circus to your event with the delightfully extensive range of circus and clown costumes and accessories from Heaven Costumes. From a funny festival to a spooky Halloween bash, our collection includes everything you need to transform yourself into a clown, ringmaster, bearded lady, strong man or mime artist. We cater for both kids and adults, making it perfect for school carnivals, Book Week events or themed parties. [more]

Choose from our colourful boys’ clown costumes, girls’ clown costumes or give your little ones a bit of a thrill with our Scary Clown Costumes for kids. And we haven’t forgotten about the grown-ups: we’ve got plenty of Clown Costumes for Men and Womens’ Clown Costumes too in both hilarious and terrifying styles. Whether you’re after a classic look or aiming to spook, we’ve got you.

But a costume isn’t just about the outfit! Round off your look with our vast array of Clown accessories, including pull-on Clown Wigs, oversized Clown Shoes, and all-things-fun. And of course, no clown is complete without Clown Makeup, and Clown Noses - we’ve got plenty.

Not feeling the clown vibe? No problem! Fans of the iconic circus big-top can embrace the grandeur of the ringmaster or express the subtle art of the mime, in a Mime Artist costume. You can bring a Freakshow event to life with a Strong Man costume or even a Bearded Lady!

Owned, operated, and proudly based in Australia, Heaven Costumes is your one-stop shop for all things circus and clowns!

Whichever sideshow tickles your fancy, we’re delighted to bring the fun (and frightful) world of the circus to your doorstep. With Heaven Costumes, the ball is in your court, so let the show go on, because the clowning around never has to stop.