Walk-In Online Virtual Store

Heaven Costumes 'Walk-in' Online Virtual Store!

Come in and experience Heaven Costumes - Adelaide's very first 'walk-in' online virtual store! Find all the information about our Heaven Costumes store below.

What is a virtual store?

Our online virtual store is a completely unique and easy way to shop. Our store is attached to our distribution warehouse, meaning we can offer our entire online product range to you in person. We have computer catalogues set up to display our entire range which means all you have to do is search for what you want then ask our friendly customer service staff to fetch it for you from our warehouse. With one-one-one customer service, shopping for your costumes and accessories has never been easier! Due to the way we are set up, we unfortunately do not have try on facilities however our staff are more than happy to show you each costume in person to look at sizing and we have tape measures on site. Come in and experience the Heaven Costumes shopping experience for yourself!

How to buy in store

  1. Visit our warehouse - 25 Fenden Road, Salisbury Plain, 5109
  2. Browse our online range using our computers
  3. Tell us what items you want to look at, we will fetch it all for you
  4. Pay for your items and take them with you. There's no waiting!! Everything is already here!

Store hours and location

Opening hours are Monday to Friday 9am-5pm, Thursday 9am-6pm and Saturday 10am - 3pm.

We are located at 25 Fenden Rd, Salisbury Plain, South Australia, 5109

Of course you can also browse and place a 'click and collect' order from home, work or mobile by visiting:


When ordering online you can choose to pre-pay for your order or select the payment option 'pay on pickup'. We accept payments via VISA, Mastercard, EFTPOS and cash. 

The 'pick up' option will not appear in checkout until you have entered your address details. It is set up this way so that only Adelaide customers are presented with the option of Click and Collect, as our warehouse is located in Salisbury Plain, South Australia.

Benefits of Using our Virtual Store

What's so good about a walk-in online virtual store you ask? Let's go with some Pro's and Con's:

Pro’s Con’s
You get online prices, it’s way cheaper! You can’t try it on in store (but you CAN exchange or refund if you need to!)
It’s easier to find products using an online catalogue  There's only 1 Con!
You can easily see the different themes for costumes  We really can't think of any more Con's?!
Online photos mean you can see what costumes look like on!  Too many boxes and not enough Con's!
There’s a lot more to choose from  Fair to say Pro's outweigh the Con's
No scrummaging through giant racks with twisted coat hangers and things falling off everywhere!  Could've probably used these boxes for more Pro's!
Browsing is faster  Not convinced yet?
Use filters to only see products in the size/colour/length/price you want! You're a tough nut to crack... read the Pro's again!!!


Check out our informational store video below!

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