Returns Policy

Our Guarantee

Customer satisfaction is our goal.

We are very confident that our high standards and quality will ensure that you are completely satisfied and hopefully thrilled with our products and service so that you will come back again and again.

Please see our policy on returns where you have received a FREE GIFT at the bottom of this page.

Returns Policy

Our no hassle return policy.

30 Day Returns! No Hassles, No Questions Asked! Just get your unwanted items back to us within 30 days!

If your order is not suitable for any reason you are welcome to return it to us for an exchange or refund. Please download a 'Returns Form' below, complete the form and return it with your parcel along with a copy of your invoice. Please note that paper invoices can be downloaded and printed by logging into your account, or by contacting us directly. We are no longer sending hard copies of either forms within all parcels to help play our part in saving the planet! Please read the information below for details on when a return can not be accepted.

Download Returns Form →


Our fuss free exchange policy.

We take great care in providing correct and conservative measurements in our sizing guides, however we also recognise that things can go wrong. Therefore, we are happy to exchange sizes or styles. Please note that we cannot accept return of wigs or intimate apparel (including costumes that include underwear) for health reasons unless they are faulty. Enclosed with your order you will have received a 'Returns Form' to make your exchange easy as pie! Simply fill in the easy to use form and send it, along with your invoice and product/s, back to us to exchange. Prior to sending your items back, it is usually a good idea to let us know what you would like to exchange the item for so we can place it on hold for you. This can be done via email or by telephone on 08 82585141.

To send your item/order back to us, please note that customers are responsible for the cost of return shipping. Shipping costs ( $9.99) can be paid over the phone when placing your new item on hold. 

Finally, please be aware of the products listed below which may not be eligible for exchange and ensure the products you wish to exchange reach us within 30 days of receiving your original order.

There are two options for exchanging your item which depend on how long you have before needing your exchange item.

If you need your exchange item within two weeks:

If you need your exchange item quickly we recommend placing a new order online so that you receive your exchange item in time for your event, and then send your unsuitable item back to us for a refund.

If you have more than 2 weeks:

If you have plenty of time before you need your exchange item we can do a direct exchange for you. If you would like to go ahead with this option please let us know so that we can put aside the exchange item/s for you. Please note that we hold exchange items for up to 10 business days. If you need more time than this please let us know.

If you have placed a new order there is no need to pay a new postage charge as you will pay shipping costs in your new order.


All you need to know about refunds.

You will have received a 'Returns Form' enclosed with your order. If for any reason you are not happy, please complete the 'Returns Form' and simply return your item/s to us within 30 days, unused / unworn and in the original undamaged packaging plus the original invoice and we will refund your money, no questions asked. If you would like to discuss your return prior to sending it back, please contact us either by email or by telephone on 08 82585141. If you have misplaced, or did not receive a 'Returns Form' please contact us so we can arrange to send you one via email. Please note however:

We can not accept return of wigs, hosiery or intimate apparel (including costumes that include underwear) for health reasons as well as clearance items and budget range costumes unless they are faulty, please contact us if you find a fault to discuss return of your item. Unless faulty, we also cannot accept returns of 'special order' items.

We will not accept return of products with any make-up marks, fake tan marks or other forms of body make-up transferred onto the product. This includes products which have been tainted by body odours, body lotions, fragrances, deodorants or perfumes. To be on the safe side, we recommend all make-up products be removed from your person before trying items on.

Please note that we do not refund shipping costs or the cost to return an item to us. A re-stocking fee of $9.99 will be deducted from refunds if free shipping was applied to the order.

Refunds are processed weekly on Fridays, and all refunds are made back to the payment method used to pay for the order in the first place. If you paid by credit card, we do not need your details again as we will return your payment to your credit card directly through our bank. Paypal payments are returned to you directly via Paypal and we do not need any additional details from you.

Afterpay payments - Please be aware that Afterpay is a separate entity to us, and the agreement you enter into for payment installments will continue until will have processed your refund (processing of returns occurs each Friday). If you have an instalment payment due to be deducted by Afterpay prior to your refund being processed, we do recommend that you continue to have sufficient funds in your nominated account so Afterpay can deduct the neccessary payment. This will avoid being charged an 'unavailable funds' fee from Afterpay. Any payments you make to Afterpay will still be refunded back to you as soon as your refund has been processed.

To return your order for an exchange or refund, please send your order/item to us in its original undamaged packaging, with the invoice and 'Returns Form'  to:

Heaven Costumes
25 Fenden Road,Salisbury Plain SA 5109

Please note that there are a number of items that can not be returned (this applies even if they were a Free Gift):

  • Hosiery
  • Wigs if they have been opened
  • items that include underwear
  • Opened booty shorts
  • Make up
  • Pierced earrings
  • Any other items that are of a personal nature
  • Clearance or Sale items
  • Special order items ( if accepted may be subject to a 30% re-stocking fee)


Lost or Cancelled Cards

If your VISA, Mastercard or debit card has been lost or cancelled and you are expecting a refund, please note that we can only issue refunds as a reversal of the original transaction. If you find yourself in this situation, it is up to you as the customer to contact your bank or financial institution and organise any potential incoming funds to your lost card/account be linked to and transferred via your bank to your new account. We cannot be held responsible for any lost funds issued for the means of a refund in these instances.

Due to Australian law, we are not able to issue refunds in any other way, and the above process is the sole responsibility of the customer.


Online Bullying and Blackmail Policy

Although extremely rare, every now and then a business such as ours can become targets of attempted blackmail and threats to negatively impact our online presence through social media and other channels, by our own customers!

It is our policy to not accept unlawful behaviour such as this, and when it does occur it will be dealt with accordingly and law abidingly.

At our own discretion, we may choose to make other retail companies aware of such bullying and blackmail to protect the market and to uphold the law. This may or may not be done in the form of informative blog posts or any other form of online outreach to efficiently inform a specific target group, to expose the risk and may or may not include the offenders name.

As an example of online bullying and blackmail, this will include situations including but not limited to: insisting that a refund be issued or else negative reviews/comments will be posted about the business. Threatening to leave negative reviews/comments on online channels and engaging in defamatory behaviour.

We absolutely understand that all manner of feedback is beneficial to a business, and we rely on such constructive feedback to better our services. We understand that our customer service or products cannot always be perfect and customers absolutely have the right to make a complaint or leave a negative review or comment. We see such constructive feedback as an opportunity to grow and it is a fair thing for customers to do! However! These are not the customers to whom the subject of this policy relates. This policy is in place to address the very rare customer who uses threats and blackmail to get their own way when it is not reasonable. Unfortunately these customers usually know their demands are not reasonable and using threats/blackmail as a form of attack is the only way they believe they’ll get their way…. Basically, they know they’re wrong and they don’t have a leg to stand on!!

We will always endeavour to provide our customers with the best possible service and products, and to rectify any issues as quickly as possible in line with all existent policies, governing and consumer laws. Threatening a business or engaging in blackmail is illegal, it will not be tolerated, and is definitely not a satisfactory outcome for anyone! If you have any issues with our website, our products or your order specifically, feel free to contact us for a friendly and speedy resolution! 


Faulty Products

Our policy regarding faulty products.

If you discover that your product is faulty before you use it, please contact us to discuss the issue, we will do everything we can to rectify the situation.

However, if you go ahead and use, alter or in any way manipulate the product even though it is faulty, you are then accepting that the product is 'fit for the purpose' that you purchased it for, and it is no longer returnable. So, please DO NOT USE a product if it is faulty as we will not be able to return it to the manufacturer on your behalf, and therefore will not be able to accept a return of the product.

Please note that occasionally manufacturers will slightly alter the appearance or the fabrics used for a product depending on what is available to them during the manufacturing process. This can often occur without our knowledge and due to the large quantity of stock we hold we are not able to individually check each item. When we are made aware of instances like this, we will immediately alter any product listings on the website to coincide with any changes, however this is not always possible. Products that fall under this flag are not deemed as faulty as they have been produced as specified by the manufacturer and are fit for wear. To determine a fault a product shall present with a structural form, a breakage or an appearance which deems the product unfit for its intended use.


Product Packaging

How to package your return products.

DO NOT THROW IT AWAY!! Upon receiving your item/s, If you aren't 100% sure that you won't be returning it to us....... DON'T THROW AWAY THE PACKAGING! This includes any outer packaging eg. plastic bags, covers etc plus anything else that forms a part of identifying the item such as tags and card inserts. 

All the packaging forms part of the product as a whole, as it has been sold to you. If a product is returned without a piece of packaging, it means the item (as it's intended purpose) is incomplete. The packaging is extremely important as it used to confirm the product, the description of the product and the genuity of the product. The product packaging is used in our warehouse to identify the products. Without the packaging we cannot store the product in the warehouse, nor can we re-sell it as a genuine product.

If returning any products for refund or exchange - ALL packaging MUST be included in your return, in an undamaged, original condition.

Returning Non-Refundable Products

Information on non-refundable products.

If any product is returned to us, which does not comply with our returns policy therefore deeming the product non-refundable, we will offer you the following options:

a) We will offer to dispose of the product on your behalf.

b) We will offer to post the product back to you at your expense. Please note that any postage charges incurred when choosing this option are the responsibility of the customer. We cannot cover any postage costs required in order to send an item back to you. We will require that the return postage charge be paid in full prior to the product being returned to you. For Australian customers this postage charge will be the express post flat rate of $9.99. For NZ customers this will be the flat rate of $14.99. For all other international customers the charge will be dependent on the automated postal calculator and you will be informed of the full charge prior to choosing this option.

Posting your Return Parcels

Requirements for returning your products.

Customers are responsible for any charges incurred when returning items/orders. Customers will be required to pay relevant shipping charges through their chosen parcel delivery service. If customers do not use a parcel delivery service for the return of goods, and instead mark parcels with ‘Return to Sender’, the $12.99 return delivery cost charged to Heaven Costumes by Australia Post, will be forwarded to the customer by way of deduction off any sought refund.

We do not recommend marking any parcels with 'Return to Sender'. Although this may seem like the easiest option, the delivery time for 'Return to Sender' parcels can be in excess of 6 weeks as these parcels are not deemed a priority delivery by the postal service. This will significantly delay the processing of any refund or exchange.

NOTE!! It seems like common sense..... but please package your return parcels properly!! When you post a Christmas card... do you just pop the card into the post box? or do you put it in an envelope? Right! Same goes! Package your return products in a way that they won't get damaged! If they get damaged.. we cannot refund you! Place all your items inside a satchel bag (these are 'sealable' durable, water resistant plastic bags which are cheap and can easily be obtained from your post office!!) Or, if it's still in tact - use the one that your order was sent to you in, just turn it inside out! 

Free Gift Returns

Our free gift return policy.

If your order included a free gift:

  • The unused, undamaged free gift must be returned in it's undamaged complete packaging if you return your full order for refund or a portion of your order that will leave the total of your order that you are keeping (excluding shipping) at less than the dollar amount required to be eligible for the free gift.
  • Please do not open your free gift until you are absolutely sure that you do not intend to return your order for refund.
  • Should you return an opened item or an item in the above list, you can arrange to have the item returned to you by paying the shipping fee or having the shipping fee deducted from your refund. Alternatively, we can destroy the item on your behalf.
  • You may also choose to keep your free gift even though you are returning the rest of your order. In this case, we will deduct the value (retail price) from your refund.

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