2021 Book Week Theme Costume Ideas - Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds

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Costume Ideas for the 2021 Book Week Theme - Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds

It’s the biggest question everyone has been asking since last year...

What is the Book Week Theme for 2021?

Drum Roll…….

The Book Week Theme for 2021 is Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds!

The next most asked question is ...

What date is Book Week?

The answer to that question is August 21st – 27th

Which brings us to the third and almost the most important question we are all asking... 

What are some Costume Ideas for Book Week 2021?

Finally, the last and definitely the most important question being asked is... 

Where can I buy Book Week Costumes in Australia? That’s where Heaven Costumes will save the day!

The team here at Heaven Costumes have had our thinking caps on so we can help you find the best kids book week costumes and teachers book week costumes this year. Then we’ve created this super fun and informative page all about Book Week 2021 dress up ideas so all you have to do is choose your favourite outfits and look fabulous on the day. Easy!

Heaven Costumes Australia is your one-stop Book Week costume shop where you will find the biggest range of the best and latest fancy dress costumes for the 2021 Book Week Theme Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds and get you ready for your celebrations this August.

The Book Week theme chosen by the CBCA every year is of course always up for individual interpretation and this year is no different. The amazing theme for 2021 gives us a wide scope of book week costume ideas ranging from ‘worldly’ choices to all the most popular dress ups that never go out of style and can easily be adapted to suit this year’s theme too.


Let’s start at the beginning with Old Worlds. If you’d like to dress up for Book Week 2021 according to the Old Worlds part of this year’s theme, then we have some fantastic ideas for you! Old Worlds costumes can be anything from prehistoric dinosaurs and cavemen or cavewomen, to Roman gladiators, Pioneers, Explorers, Vikings, Egyptians and even costumes representing the Biblical era of Jesus and his disciples. Go on a quick archaeological dig around the house to find your fossilised caveman clubs or sharpen your ancient swords for some Colosseum action because choosing an Old Worlds Book Week costume for 2021 will take you way back to times you can now only read about in history books.

If you’d like to dress up as a New Worlds character for Book Week 2021 then you can’t go past the space themed costumes and accessories available here at Heaven Costumes Australia. There’s talk of sending humans to colonise Mars in the future which would really make it a New World like we’ve never known before! Of course, when we’re thinking about New Worlds there are 2 main dress up ideas that come to mind – Aliens and Astronauts! One will get us there and the other might meet us there – who knows! Alien and Martian costumes are super cool costume ideas for Book Week 2021. Maybe you could even get the family involved in whipping up a quick UFO or rocket ship to go with your costume so you can have a smooth ride into your Book Week celebrations… well at least until we work out how to beam you there instead!

If dressing up as an Other Worlds character for Book Week 2021 is more your thing, not a problem, Heaven Costumes has some great ideas for that theme too! We think that Other Worlds means the place where our imaginations get to fly free and immerse ourselves in worlds that we really know don’t exist, even though we wish and wish and wish that they did! Mermaid costumes are part of the Other Worlds theme, as are magical wizards, fancy-free unicorns, forest dwelling fairies, fire-breathing dragons and even monsters that we think live under our beds!

There are many other adaptable costume ideas for Book Week 2021 which can be found in all your favourite and latest storybooks. Every animal on the planet is part of the Animal Kingdom which can be considered a world of its own. Superheros often come from faraway places unlike any civilisations we know and not to mention Pirates who almost live their entire lives onboard their own Jolly Roger ships and the world out at sea is the only world they know!

You’ll find lots of different worlds inside the books you read, and you’ll also find lots of different worlds in your television screens. Some more easy book week costume ideas for 2021 that come from other kinds of worlds include Star Wars costumes, the magical world of Cat in the Hat, the wizarding world of Harry Potter, the gaming worlds of Minecraft and Pokemon plus many many more!

Whether the world you choose to represent comes straight from your backyard or from a galaxy far, far away, you can bet that during your 2021 Book Week Costume parade all these weird and wonderful worlds will come together for a celebration of the past, the present and the future and that is something to be excited about!

If you need any help with your 2021 Book Week Costumes, would like to know about the stock available at Heaven Costumes or if you’re after some more detailed information about how fast we deliver across Australia and Internationally – don’t forget that our amazing customer service team is here to help in any way we can, so contact us now (or later!) and we promise we’ll be just as excited about Book Week this August as you are!

P.S. For anyone who isn’t too sure and is asking What is Book Week in Australia? Here’s a super quick run-down…

The CBCA (Children’s Book Council of Australia) has brought children and books together every year since 1945. They do this through a celebration called Book Week which is a week-long event where schools and libraries take the time to celebrate and recognise Australian children’s book authors and illustrators. Many different events take place during that week (which is almost always in August) including amazing book displays, activities revolved around reading, competitions, story-telling and of course Book Week character parades where old and young alike dress as their favourite book characters and take part in parades. Book of the year announcements are made and a special theme is chosen each year, the Book Week theme for 2021 is Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds.

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