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Superhero Costumes

There’s not much that’s more satisfying than getting dressed up in superhero costumes and showing off your invincible superpowers or challenging your villain archenemy to some fictional hand-to-hand combat!

Superhero costumes for kids are especially fun and energising for boys and girls. Whether they prefer Captain Marvel costumes, Avengers costumes or other superhero dress up ideas, our range of superhero costumes for kids will give their imaginations an almighty boost as they go about their days fighting crime, being bold and daring, and just being the impressively dynamic little superheros they were born to be!

Superhero costumes for boys include all the mightiest characters such as Aquaman, Thor, Captain America, Avengers Endgame team suits, Iron Man, Batman, Black Panther, Spider-Man, The Flash, The Hulk, Superman and more! In our collection of superhero costumes for girls you’ll find Ant-Man’s The Wasp, Captain America, Avengers Endgame Nebula, Batgirl, Catwoman, Captain Marvel, Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Black Widow just to get the party started!

Kids superhero costume ideas are a motivational addition to any costume box, for superhero dress up parties or for superhero themed birthdays, plus a popular choice as kids book week costumes too!

Adult superhero costumes are just as legendary, becoming epic comic book heroes for superheros and villains themed parties with notable powers that can have you leaping buildings, travelling at break-neck speeds and using bionic weapons with gutsy and fearless abandon. Girl superhero costumes are well sought after, which is why Heaven Costumes Australia is where to shop for your female superhero costumes. Our arsenal of sexy superhero costumes for women include the unshakable Wonder Woman costumes, Spidergirl dress ups that will lure you with her webs, Captain America style superhero outfits, Batgirl women’s costumes which are particularly good as part of couples dress up ideas, mischievous and sexy Deadpool costumes, Supergirl dresses and even ladies Thor fancy dress costumes from the Marvel comics. Our adult superhero costumes for men are just as compelling with our officially licensed range providing just what you need to put those lecherous villains in their place. Heaven Costumes collection of mens superhero costume ideas are the ultimate choice for any heroes and villains party and include Gotham’s biggest hero Batman, The Avengers Iron Man, Captain America, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, the hilarious Deadpool costumes, Batman of comic book fame, Superman, Spider-Man and many more.

If you don’t already have your own stash of villains clothing stored away for a rainy day, and if you’re more inclined to be the troublemaker and bad guy, then Heaven Costumes also has the villain costumes you’ve been searching for to turn you into a sneaky traitor who’s out to take down the Universe. Our female villain costumes are a favourite when it comes to superheros and villains, with characters such as Catwoman costumes, Poison Ivy outfits and Harley Quinn being the most popular super villains to dress up as. Villain costumes for men swiftly fly out the door almost faster than superhero costumes, so it’s no surprise that there are some rotten wrongdoer’s doing the rounds when you’re on the hunt for heroes and villains costume ideas. The most popular villain dress up ideas for men include Bane from the Dark Knight Rises, The Riddler and of course most loved villain of all time…. The Joker.

Superhero Costumes –  Information about the best Marvel, Avengers and DC Comics Characters

Black Panther – a superhero who has enhanced senses, martial arts skills, speed, a superhuman condition and magical resistance. Black Panther got his powers by having the juices of the heart-shaped herb applied to his body. His weapons are an energy dagger and anti-metal claws! Choose Black Panther as your superhero costume and be the King of Wakanda who fights against threats to his throne with his robust ability to hunt and combat.

Captain America – a superhero who displays strength, stamina, agility, is an expert tactician, has healing ability, a skilled martial artist and is indestructible! Captain America got his superpowers by being injected with super-soldier serum! His weapons are his vibranium shield, which makes him resistant to destruction! This superhero has incredible lung capacity too plus amazing bones and muscles!

Spider-Man – one of the best known superheros who has fearless strength, jumping capabilities, leaping skills, speed, ‘danger senses’ and of course the remarkable web-shooters! Spider-Man got his powers by being bitten by a radioactive spider, and his weapons of choice are his web-shooters. This superhero is an amazing Marvel costume idea and the most relatable! An ordinary guy when his spidery superpowers are taken away, but can web-crawl, leap across tall buildings and fight as well as the rest of the comic book crew when they’re in full force!

The Hulk – Lets start with the strength! The Incredible Hulk has unbreakable strength, speed and stamina, regeneration abilities and the ability to breathe under water! Hulk got his powers by being exposed to gamma radiation and his weapon is none other than his rampant strength! Hulk is the strongest superhero there is! Dress up as the Hulk as your next heroes and villains costume idea and let your anger come to the surface for an unforgettable transformation.

Captain Marvel – she’s the amazing superhero costume for women to rein triumphant with unbridled strength, speed, resistance to toxins and the ability to absorb energy. Captain Marvel got her powers from being exposed to Kree technology. Her weapons are her Nega bands and she has the ability to fly and hit really, really hard! This girl superhero is best known for absorbing cosmic levels of energy and transforming it into radiant blasts to use against her enemies!

Deadpool – he’s the smart-alec, smart-mouth trained assassin! Wear this adult superhero costume to show off your extreme regeneration and healing power and pretty much be immortal! Deadpool got his powers by being injected with a mysterious serum to cure cancer and his weapons are anything really…. But especially guns, grenades, katana swords and knives. Choose Deadpool as your superhero costumes and see if you can regrow your head after being crushed by the Hulk too!

Iron Man – this guy has genius level intellect and multiple powered armour suits plus the ability to fly! Who wouldn’t want an Avengers costume like that! He gets all his superpowers from his suit and his weapons are lasers, repulsor rays and a uni-beam projector. This superhero costume won’t come with real lasers (of course!) but dress up as the billionaire backer of the Avengers for your heros and villains theme party…. They owe you one!

Thor – the guy with the hammer! One of the most popular superhero costumes for kids because he has his impressive Warhammer Mjolnir. Thor can manipulate the weather because he got his powers from the Asgardian God of Thunder. He’s also strong and fast like the other Avengers. Thor is a mighty adult superhero costumes idea too because summoning lightning from your hands is one damn good party trick!

Ant-Man – Now you see him, now you don’t. This superhero has the ability to change size thanks to the powers he got from testing the Pym particles serum on himself! He’s also smart to genius-level, can communicate with insects and can dimension-hop! If you’re a little eccentric and prone to nervous breakdowns too, then go with this adult superhero costume for your fancy dress party.

Black Widow – the superhero costumes for women that we all want to get our hands on! This feisty lady is athletic and agile, a master in the art of espionage and infiltration. Black Widow got her powers by being injected with the Red Room’s version of Super-Soldier serum in Russia, which increased her overall abilities making her a superior human athlete. She also has slowed aging…… uh…. Hello ladies! This girl superhero has custom stun batons as weapons and widows bite bracelets that attach her enemies with electrical charges.

Wonder Woman – we’ll skip the wanting to be moulded from clay on Paradise Island and just swing straight into choosing this female superhero costume as our party favourite. Presented at birth with the powers of super strength, a hunters heart, beauty, wisdom and courage, Wonder Woman is the sister of fire! Wearing Wonder Woman superhero costumes and brandishing your lasso of truth might not work to plan, nor will you have the same Hermes sandals to make you fly or indestructible deflecting bracelets, but this superhero costume for women will definitely make you look like a winner at any heroes and villains costume party.

Superman – Faster than a speeding bullet. What’s that in the sky? The catch phrases that will live into eternity are all about the powerful DC Comics character Superman. Whether you’re after superhero costumes for kids or adult superhero costumes, you can’t go past the guy with super strength, super speed and x-ray vision! Superman was born with his powers on alien planet Krypton but the Earth’s yellow sun is what really brings him out of his shell!

Batman – with his sidekick Robin, this is a fantastic superhero dress up for couples costumes! You can Wham, Kapow, and Plop your fighting skills for everyone to see at your heroes and villains party. Now Batman doesn’t actually have any superpowers, but when you’re wearing a Batman superhero costume you can still pretend to have the wealth to afford the huge arsenal of weaponry he does…. Including the Bat mobile!

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