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Heaven Costumes - Your One-Stop Costume Shop and Party Store!

Step into a world where imagination meets fun, and celebration takes centre stage. Welcome to Heaven Costumes, Australia’s premier destination for an unrivalled spectrum of costumes and accessories. With meticulous attention to detail and an expansive selection that caters to every theme, character, and occasion, our range is second to none. Whether you seek the mystical allure of a masquerade mask, the style of a premium costume wig, or the party-defining impact of our vibrant party supplies, our entire range is your gateway to party heaven. Discover the magic within and transform your moments into cherished memories with Heaven Costumes. [more]

Get Ready to Party – Browse Our Full Range of Costumes

At Heaven Costumes, we proudly present a costume range where everyone is guaranteed to find their perfect costume. From the spooky world of Halloween costumes to the cherished chapters of Book Week, our full range of costumes for both adults and children ensures your entire family can join in the fun. Our expansive collection spans across stylish women’s costumes and dapper men’s costumes, beautiful girls costumes, and adventurous boys’ costumes. We deeply understand the importance of inclusivity and offer an extensive variety of plus-size costumes for women and men, championing a fit and style for every body type.

Step into the shoes of your favourite characters with our vast array of officially licensed costumes. Transform into an iconic superhero ready to save the day or twirl in the gown of a beloved Disney Princess. Quality and authenticity are at the heart of what we do, bringing you closer to the stories you adore. Beyond the classics, our treasure trove includes an eclectic mix of niche costumes, perfect for those seeking something truly unique. With Heaven Costumes, your outstanding outfit for every event and occasion is but a click away. Unleash your imagination and celebrate the magic of dress-up with the best costume shop in Australia!

Complete Your Costume with Perfect Accessories

A world of limitless possibilities awaits with our costume accessories range, meticulously curated to skyrocket your costume from ordinary to extraordinary. Here you’ll find a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours, stylish fabrics, and intricate detailing that breathes life into every theme. From the glitz and glam of the roaring 1920s to the funky, retro vibes of the 1980s; from the psychedelic 60s to the disco infernos of the 70s - our collection is a passport through time.

Sift through a treasure trove brimming with classic glasses, elegant gloves, chic hats, sparkling jewellery, enigmatic masks, stylish ties, robust belts, vintage braces, and menacing novelty weapons. Fancy a frolic with feathery wings or a twirl in luscious hosiery, petticoats, and tutus? Your wish is our command because our collection includes accessories for every character.

Whether it’s the allure of a pirate’s eye-patch or the charm of a clown’s nose, our costume accessories complete any look with finesse. Put the finishing touches on your costume with our accessories range, and revel in the authenticity and flair that only the finest accessories can provide.

From Balloons to Banners: Party Supplies for Every Theme

From the floating grace of helium-filled balloons to the sparkle of tossed confetti, we offer everything you might need to infuse life into your next festive gathering. Whether you’re penning invitations that beckon friends and family with the promise of merriment, decking out spaces with decorations that tell a story, or wrapping your party favours with a bow of anticipation, we have your needs covered.

Set tables aglow with our coordinated tableware and serving essentials, and sweeten the occasion with delightfully themed baking supplies. Shopping with us is a breeze; find supplies organised by a kaleidoscope of colours and patterns, or choose from an exciting array of popular party themes to match your unique event. Celebrate every event with some style – be it a milestone birthday, a baby’s arrival at a baby shower, the “yes” at an engagement, the revelation at a gender reveal, academic achievements at graduations, or wild escapades for bachelorette parties – our collection is as multifaceted as your reasons to celebrate!

For the little ones (and the young at heart!), we boast an enthralling selection of licensed party themes that transport their imaginations to enchanting worlds. Imagine the smiles with Frozen-themed frosty festivities, regal gatherings with Disney Princesses, action-packed shindigs with the Avengers or Paw Patrol, epic quests with Pokémon, wall-crawling adventures with Spiderman, playful bashes with Super Mario, galactic fun with Star Wars, magical happenings with Harry Potter and so much more.

At our one-stop-party-shop, we’re committed to making your party planning a joyous affair. Ready to brighten up every corner with colour and joy? Browse our treasure trove of party supplies because at Heaven Costumes, every day is a reason to celebrate like no other!

A Mask for Every Face - Unveil Our Full Masquerade Range

Step into the enchanting world of disguise with our extensive range of masquerade masks, where mystery meets elegance. Our collection is carefully curated to provide a mask for every persona, be it for men or women. Revel in opulence with our deluxe masks that make a grand statement or immerse in delicate artistry with our lace masks that whisper tales of intrigue. For those who prefer a touch of modern sophistication, our metal and crystal masks are crafted to dazzle, reflecting light in a dance with every turn. Adorn yourself with our feather masks, where each plume adds to the drama and charm of your presence. If you wish to embody a character, our character masks are perfect to slip into a role and captivate the audience. With an explosion of colour options to choose from, find the perfect mask to complement your attire and occasion. Whether you’re gracing a ballroom or attending a private soiree, our masquerade masks promise that behind every mask is a story waiting to unfold.

Your Imagination, Our Wigs: Explore Our Costume Wigs Collection

Vibrant transformation is on the cards with our expansive collection of costume wigs, perfect for every individual and every occasion. Whether you desire the timeless elegance of women’s wigs, the bold statements of men’s wigs, or the playful charm of kids’ wigs, we cater to everyone. From the nostalgic pull of character wigs to the edgy vibes of gothic and punk wigs, our collection ensures you’ll find the perfect costume wig for your Halloween costumes or themed party outfits. Delight in our exclusive range, such as the deluxe designs, on-trend fashion wigs, and the exquisite lace front wigs that offer an undetectable hairline for a natural look.

Our spotlight feature is the premium Midnight Wigs Collection—Heaven Costumes’ very own branded line that guarantees top-notch quality and style. No matter the occasion, we offer wigs that complement your style and budget, with prices varying from the wallet-friendly choices under $20 to the lavish selections over $75. Revel in the extraordinary palette of colours we provide, from the most understated to the most extravagant hues. Our diverse styles include the classic afro for a throwback groove, elegant bobs for a chic transformation, the iconic mullets for retro flair, intricate plaits for a sophisticated touch, and an assortment of straight and curly options to either sleekly cascade down your shoulders or bounce with vivacious volume. Whatever your heart desires, our costume wigs are here to bring your imaginative look to life.

Why Heaven Costumes is Your Go-To for Parties and Costumes

At Heaven Costumes, our treasure trove of costumes, accessories, masquerade masks, wigs, and party supplies is just a click away for our esteemed clients seeking the perfect outfit for any occasion.

For those of you who call Adelaide home, our Salisbury Plain virtual walk-in store offers a unique shopping experience that melds the convenience of online browsing with the instant gratification of taking your selected items home without delay.

Our commitment to providing an extensive array of quality products at competitive prices is eclipsed only by our lightning-fast delivery and the personal touch of our outstanding customer service.

Proudly Australian-owned and operated, we continue to set the stage as your premier destination for all things costume and party.

Step into the spotlight with Heaven Costumes and make every event an unforgettable one!