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Halloween Costumes – What to Wear?

Halloween Costume Ideas

Finding the best Halloween costume ideas can be overwhelming and daunting! With so many different costume shops and so many different Halloween costumes to choose from, you might find yourself trying to narrow down your options by getting Halloween costume ideas from other people. If you have no idea what to wear for Halloween 2020, then there’s a variety of ways to make your favourite Halloween ideas surface and make selecting the final dress up winner a little easier! There’s usually a creepy new movie that’s been released throughout the year, for which companies will produce the Halloween costume for. Think Pennywise from the IT movies! That’s a pretty decent place to start when looking for Halloween costume ideas, the other helpful option is to check what the weather forecast is because that might influence your choices, and also find out what other people at your Halloween party will be wearing so you can omit those, because wearing the same outfit would be….. errr awkward!

Decide if you’re celebrating Halloween Australia as part of a couple or group, you might need to focus on couples Halloween costumes. Although the best way to narrow down your Halloween costume ideas is to decide on a budget and choose from what you can get your hands on at a price you’re willing to pay!

Halloween costume ideas will be in your face for weeks leading up to the big event, so don’t get bamboozled and reduced to a howling mess in the corner. Take a deep breath, and take a look at our range of Halloween costumes 2020 for adults and kids, everything from deluxe licensed Halloween outfits to cheap Halloween costumes are at your mercy.

Easy Halloween Costumes

Oh Yeah…… who doesn’t want an easy Halloween costume to take the hassle out of Halloweening! It makes no difference if you’re looking for a quick and easy Halloween outfit for yourself, one for your partner or one for the kids, because Heaven Costumes is your one stop Halloween shop in Australia that has everything you need to get your 2020 Halloween costume ideas sorted faster than you’d run from a zombie apocalypse. You don’t have to go the full gory hog like some Halloween die-hards, but maybe you just need enough of a scary Halloween costume to hand out candy, maybe you have a busy schedule and need easy Halloween costumes to get on and off so you can head off to your next grisly engagement, or maybe you’re just being lazy…. No serious, there’s nothing wrong with that…. Happens to the best of us! Easy Halloween costumes are going to involve outfits like capes, ghosts, Grim Reapers and also a huge range of scary Halloween costume kits – that’s correct – kits – so not an entire freaky fancy dress outfit, but more like a bloody butchers apron with a knife, or a scary Halloween mask with hands. Told Ya! Easy peasy, makin’ ya queasy!

Scary Halloween Costumes

They’re the opposite of un-scary Halloween costumes! Yes, it’s essentially what Hallows Eve is about right? Scaring people! So although some people like to wear a variety of fancy dress costumes on October 31st, scary Halloween costumes are still the go-to MO….. because when you’re walking up the steps to your 1st Haunted House, you want to put up a good fight, a scary Halloween costumes stand-off if you will? A ‘I see your scary Halloween costume and I raise you mine’ kind of scenario. Not to mention it’s probably the only time of year it’s acceptable to send unnerving chills up the spines of candy-collecting teens without life altering consequences! So shop here at Heaven Costumes for the best scary Halloween costumes 2020 in Australia.

Adult Halloween Costumes

If you’re shopping for adult Halloween costumes Australia, then Heaven Costumes is the store near you with 1000’s of scary dress ups at your disposal and no doubt we have just the Halloween outfit for 2020 that’ll get you best dressed at your fancy dress party. Whether you’re looking for men’s Halloween costumes, women’s Halloween costumes and even plus size Halloween costumes for adults, our range of Halloween costume ideas go from disgustingly petrifying to spooky cute and can be delivered anywhere in Australia (and internationally) so fast you’ll think there’s some kind of sorcery at play.

Halloween Costumes for Women

Fire up your cauldron, it’s time for some Hocus Pocus! With so many Halloween costumes for women to choose from, you will absolutely have a ghastly time trying to pick just one! All the traditional scary women’s Halloween costumes are covered including spooky witch costumes, seductive French speaking vampire costumes, women’s skeleton costumes, movie character Halloween costumes for females such as Beetlejuice, Miss Krueger and ladies IT costumes, red hot devil costumes, unholy nun habits, sinister sexy ringmaster costumes and more.

Sexy Halloween Costumes

There’s no better combination than sexy and scary, so if you’re wondering where to buy sexy Halloween costumes for 2020, then ladies…… we’ve got your poison!  You can get the sassy and mysterious horror look you’ve been aching for, a sexy Halloween costume that won’t just get you noticed during your Haunted House shenanigans, but also have corpses rising from graveyards just to get a closer look. Ranging from sexy black cat costumes to sexy zombie costumes (yes, they’re a thing!) get your hands on the best sexy Halloween costumes Australia and have the last cackling laugh at all the lurking, envious evil spirits.

Halloween Costumes for Men

You know what’s a totally terrifying Halloween costume idea for men? Evil Clowns, hands down the freakiest Halloween outfit a guy can wear that will cause nightmares for months to come. So, of course Heaven Costumes has the best variety of scary Halloween clown costumes, but also a massive selection of equally frightful and morbid mens Halloween costumes that will make anyone else wish they were facing the bogeyman instead. You can choose from men’s vampire costumes, evil jester costumes, Jason Voorhees costumes, Freddy Krueger costumes, skeleton suits that glow in the dark, wizard robes, gorillas, The Joker, Deadpool costumes, Game of Thrones Halloween costumes for men plus a couple of hundred more that we don’t have room here to tell you about! So you’ll just have to shop at the best costume store in Australia, errrmm…. Right here…. And find your 2020 Halloween costumes for men to prank your mates.

Plus Size Halloween Costumes

There’s often a shortage of plus size Halloween costumes on the market, but not here at Heaven Costumes Australia! We’ve got all you plus size ladies and gentlemen covered with all the traditional themes of scary Halloween costumes but in a plus size range. Whether you’re on the cuddlier spectrum or even on the vertically enhanced scale, our plus size Halloween costumes will definitely make you look strange, formidable, even revolting and cringe-worthy….. but for all the right reasons! Don’t let your search for plus size Halloween costume ideas bring you to a silent standstill, keep shopping online here at Heaven where looking hideous but feeling comfortable, sassy and captivating is our spooktacular specialty!

Couples Halloween Costumes

Behind every vampire…… is a matching vampiress…. And vice versa! Have you been busting your butt trying to find couples Halloween costumes for 2020? Are you trying to find matching Halloween outfits that your other half will like, so they won’t wear Grandmas white tablecloth with eyes cut out….. again? You can stop searching now, because at Adelaide’s best costume shop Heaven Costumes, we proudly offer you a devilish and dreadful selection of couples Halloween costumes that we guarantee you can both agree on, and of course use to complement and bounce off each other as you carry out your scaring antics whilst trick or treating. Some couples Halloween costume ideas include adults Harry Potter characters, matching scary clown costumes which you could even build an entire circus from if you get the whole gang together, Fortnite Halloween costumes for couples for the gamers in the crowd, The Joker and Harley Quinn fancy dress costumes for partners in crime, plus loads more dress up ideas.

Halloween Costumes for Kids

We bet they’ll be hassling you for weeks before Halloween, so start shopping early for your Halloween costumes for kids and they won’t be disappointed! Heaven Costumes stocks Australia’s best kids Halloween dress ups and include a full range from baby Halloween costumes to scary outfits for boys, girls and even teen Halloween costumes. All the latest and greatest styles are available, so your little ones have an abundance of terrifying, strange or magical Halloween costumes to choose from, all of which are exactly what they’ll need to haul in the candy and have a successful trick or treating expedition. Don’t get stuck for Halloween costume ideas for kids 2020, there’s no need to, with everything from adorable witches, to kids zombie costumes and 1000’s more scary Halloween costumes for kids, they’ll be all set to embark on moonlight lit creepy adventures this haunting season.

Halloween Costumes for Boys

We love them to bits but we also know that boys can sometimes be a little mischievous, so dressing them up for October 31st in Halloween costumes for boys will give them a little extra scope to let their infectious personalities shine and go on some unexpected escapades! Our Halloween costumes for boys include all the spooky classics such as boys vampire costumes, boys skeleton costumes, boys Grim Reaper costumes, boys Harry Potter costumes as well as other villainous movie character dress ups like The Joker, evil clowns, werewolves, monsters and more.

Halloween Costumes for Girls

Little girls can cook up a storm in their cauldrons wearing one of our amazing Halloween costumes for girls, including the best girls witch costumes Australia plus all the warts, witchy noses and broomsticks they’ll need to totally get into character. At Heaven Costumes you’ll also find the best devil costumes for girls, broken doll Halloween outfits, classic black cat dress ups, girls zombie costumes and skeleton dresses, plus black angels and girls vampire costumes too. For kids who aren’t into witches or vampires, you can also buy wolf Halloween costumes for girls, Reaper and Voodoo dress ups and also female villain characters from their favourite scary movies.

Funny Halloween Costumes

We know that not everyone dives into Halloween with the goriest and blood-curdling Halloween costume ideas, so here at Heaven Costumes Australia we can also supply you with enough funny Halloween costumes to fill up a coffin. You won’t know whether to laugh or cry when you wear a blood splattered, torn up Ronald McDonald clown outfit, or a massive bright pink gorilla suit plonking through the graveyard this October. For the best and funniest Halloween fancy dress costumes you can find, start shopping now and get a head-start for Halloween 2020.

Halloween Makeup

Blood, blood and more blood! It goes without saying, that to achieve the best Halloween makeup for your scary costumes, more is more! How to do Halloween makeup is something that’s getting easier and easier thanks to brilliant but insanely ghastly online videos and tutorials. These masters of special effects Halloween makeup can show you exactly how to put on scary face paint but they can’t give you the products. That’s where we come in! If you want to know where to buy Halloween makeup that will help you create the same startling looks you see online, then shop at Heaven Costumes Australia now, because we have all the horror makeup and special effects you need to make that happen. You can shop theatrical quality Halloween makeup by the brands professionals use including Mehron and Global Colours. Our range includes every type of blood you can imagine such as clotting blood, spray blood, blood capsules, blood gels and loads more. You can also buy all the liquid latex your un-beating heart’s desire, available in a range of colours and bottle sizes so you can create subtle skin effects or massive, gaping wounds as part of your Halloween makeup look. Easy Halloween costumes can be created by just getting your scary makeup right, so we also stock face paints for all the colours on the spectrum plus bone chilling UV reactive or glow in the dark Halloween makeup too! Heaven Costumes range of pre-made prosthetics contribute to terrifying Halloween makeup ideas and are the best way to really disguise yourself, with prosthetics including fake noses, fake ears, zipper faces, stab wounds, staples, bullet holes, demon and devil horns, missing jaw zombie special effects plus fake oversized smiles just to name the most popular!

Halloween Masks

If trying your hand at special effects Halloween makeup and it isn’t your specialty, or if you just don’t have time to do it, then grab yourself the best Halloween mask to go with your Halloween costumes and you’ll be all set to scare! There’s often a fine line between Halloween masks being funny or creepy and the range at Heaven Costumes is no different! With weird anarchy wear baby face masks or gigantic eyeball masks, you’ll probably find yourself emitting a nervous giggle as you try to decipher between the two! You can also buy Halloween masks that are shockingly horrifying like realistic looking upside down head masks, decomposed zombie face masks, stapled and scalped skin latex masks and even glowing LED light up purge masks so nobody is safe, even under the cover of darkness! Scary Halloween masks for adults and kids also include our cringey ani-motion masks that have mouths that move when you do! These freaky masks are available in styles such as killer unicorns, evil clown face masks and psycho wolf masks. Aside from these and the classic witch face masks and skeleton masks, you can also get your hands on the popular slasher theme Halloween masks like Freddy Krueger and Jason’s hockey mask to really top off your Halloween costumes.

Halloween Decorations and Props

Heaven Costumes stocks the biggest range of Halloween props in Australia at the best prices! Halloween is taking off across the world and Australia is no exception. Start collecting and building on your Halloween decorations and props every year, so you can become an expert at Halloween parties and Haunted House adventures. There’s no end to the variety of Halloween decorations you can find, but if you need to know where to buy Halloween decorations or are just looking for Halloween decorating ideas, then stop and shop now! From spiderweb tablecloths, blood drip wall decals, scary balloons, door covers, cobwebs, life sized skeletons, tombstones, flying bats, dismembered body parts, snakes and Halloween buntings to gruesome animated Halloween props including crawling zombies, life size talking evil clowns, light up skulls, horror window clings, crime scene tape, hanging cackling witches, gigantic hairy spiders, hanging vampire heads, headless butlers, flying ghosts and 100’s more Halloween decoration ideas.

Halloween Contact Lenses

Halloween contact lenses are the sure-fire way to turn any mediocre Halloween costume into a bone-chilling one. The eyes are the window to the soul, so when you make your eyes look ghostly, change their color and even make them glow under UV light, then one can’t help to be startled and a little anxious about what they’re looking at! Heaven Costumes stocks a massive collection of Halloween contact lenses to suit any scary fancy dress outfit you have. Color contact lenses include pure white and pitch black for a completely hazed or blockout look, red contacts, golden styles, green goblin lenses, bright blue Chucky doll contact lenses and lots more. You can also buy patterned color Halloween contact lenses such as blood splatter contacts, cats eyes, Twilight vampire contact lenses, dragon eyes, eyes on fire, snake eyes, bloodshot eye contact lenses, horror clown contacts just to touch the surface. Buy your Halloween contact lenses, available in a selection of single wear, 3 monthly, 9 month wear or yearly contacts, at Heaven Costumes Australia; the costume shop with the best colored contacts, and we’ll get them delivered to you…… in the blink of an eye.

When is Halloween In Australia?

As Halloween is an annual tradition with roots dating back to ancient times, the date does not change. Every year, in participating countries, communities and households world-wide, Halloween is celebrated on October 31st. Halloween 2020 Australia, is on a Saturday…. So, falling on a weekend, we can definitely expect the Aussie culture to be hit hard with the ever increasing masses of Halloween parties and scary events as well as trick or treating adventures and other Halloween themed activities for willing participants.

What is Halloween?

It seems like an easy question to answer right? What is Halloween? Well, it’s a day that’s all about carving pumpkins, wearing Halloween costumes, scaring people and collecting gut-rotting amounts of candy, right? On the surface, that’s not totally wrong! But let’s have a quick squiz at where the idea of Halloween and what it means, came from!

So how did Americas (and maybe soon to be Australia’s) favourite holiday start? Why do we do, what we do… on Halloween?

Halloween dates back to an ancient Celtic tradition. It begun as a 3 day festival which always started on October 31st.  The Celtics believed they had to prepare themselves for the ‘dark’ part of the year because these 3 (somewhat transitional) days signified a time where the lines between the living and the spiritual were blurred. A time where monsters, witches and other evil creatures from the spiritual world had to be warded off. The believers would dress up as these dark and ominous creatures so they wouldn’t be seen as regular folk, and would therefore not be kidnapped by evil! As it turns out, these evil spirits were always in search of mischief and making things a little harder, so dressing up to keep them away just wasn’t enough….. people advanced their tactics and tried to fool and convince the spirits by carrying and offering bribes to make them stay away, in the event they were confronted.  Jack O Lanterns were constructed, originally made out of turnips and used to light up the darkness and give the evil spirits a fright!

Moving along, the Catholic church introduced All Souls Day on November 2nd. A day that they could prey for the deceased, but also a day where they incorporated many of the evolving Celtic traditions such as the wearing of costumes and parades.  October 31 was obviously a date that preceded this tradition and was therefore named All Hallows Eve as a lead up to the spooky festivities, and thereafter renamed Halloween.

Due to its strict religious beliefs and background, Halloween was initially a tough nut to crack in early colonial America, but as Europeans mingled more with Native Americans, the traditions evolved into a mutually inclusive and accepted event. The festivities of Halloween meshed with other Autumn festivals, started to include public events, dancing, the telling of legends and scary stories, and even pranks. Moving through the 19th Century is when Halloween evolved the most due to the arrival of Irish immigrants into America, who brought with them their own ideas and traditions.

This influx of European arrivals turned a focus back to the Celtic traditions of dressing up and created the idea of ‘trick or treating’.

Although born from religious foundations and beliefs, Halloween in the 21st century is insanely commercialised and a holiday tradition now based on all things scary and candy! Door knocking, parties, Haunted House decorating, and more have become the norm leading up to October 31st every year!

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