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Red Riding Hood Costumes and Accessories

Little Red Riding Hood Costumes for Adults and Kids

Step into the enchanting world of fairytales with our extensive selection of Little Red Riding Hood costumes, right here at Heaven Costumes. If you’re aiming to captivate at your next fancy dress event, or bring to life a fairytale and storybook character for Book Week celebrations, our range of Red Riding Hood costumes are tailored just for you. From the whimsical to the entrancing, we’ve got every variant you could dream of - traditional Little Red Riding Hood costumes, delightful red riding hood capes, and enticing adult Red Riding Hood costumes that combine glamour with the timeless charm of fairytales. [more]

Our collection doesn’t just cater to adults; we also offer an adorable array of kids’ Little Red Riding Hood costumes. Whether you’re searching for that perfect red ridinghood costume for yourself or looking to inspire your little one’s imagination with their very own fairy tale adventure, our vast assortment ensures there’s something for everyone.

Visit Us in Adelaide for a Virtual Shopping Adventure

For our Adelaide customers, the magical experience doesn’t end online. We invite you to explore our virtual walk-in store located in Salisbury Plain. Here, you can peruse our website in the comfort of our space and leave with your chosen costume that very day. It’s a unique service that blends the convenience of online shopping with the satisfaction of a physical retail experience.

At Heaven Costumes, we’re not just about selling costumes; we’re about bringing your favourite stories to life. Our commitment to providing a vast range of costumes, speedy delivery, competitive prices, and exceptional customer service has established us as a leading choice for fancy dress and fairytale costumes across Australia.

Whether it’s for an enchanting entry at a fairytale-themed event or a heart warming portrayal during Book Week, our Little Red Riding Hood costumes promise quality, authenticity, and a dash of magic. Embark on your next adventure in the mythical woods or charm everyone at the party with our uniquely designed costumes. Remember, at Heaven Costumes, your fairytale doesn’t just live in books; we bring it to life with costumes that tell a story.